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It is a common thing to reference your other blog posts in a particular blog post. For example you might want to highlight your latest blog posts on your blog's first page.

While simply links do the trick, you can use the ArticleCard component to achieve the same with much more eye-catching results:

1link> :ArticleCard src=/hero

The src attribute notifies the URL of the referenced article. The ArticleCard component will first try to fetch card information using social media meta tags (OpenGraph and Twitter cards), which are by default set on each blogpost generated with coding-blog-plugin. If that strategy fails, it will fallback to the following:

linkCard Style

Article cards support two styles: row (as seen above, the default) and box. You can set the style via style property:

1link> :ArticleCard src=/hero, style=box


3link> :ArticleCard src=/title, style=box

Hero image by Annie Spratt from Unsplash

Article CardsCard Style

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