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A plugin designed to help you create a nice programming blog using CODEDOC, with config helpers for hosting it on, though you can host it anywhere you see fit (i.e. GitHub Pages).

linkWhat is CODEDOC?

CODEDOC is an open-source tool for easily creating modern, elegant articles about programming. It creates beautiful and feature-rich JAMStack apps from a bunch of markdown files, which can then be hosted on services like GitHub Pages or

CODEDOC was designed to help with writing documentation and tutorials, but due to its customizability it can be easily adapted for writing beautiful blogs as well, which is basically what this plugin provides.

CODEDOC Documentation

linkWhat is is a semi-centralized blog platform for all things coding. You maintain your content on your own git repo (which must be a CODEDOC project), and hook it up to <your> The curators team will then make sure that people who would like to hear about your posts, do hear about it.

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linkWhat does this plugin provide?

Most importantly, a set of CODEDOC components specifically for blogging:

It also provides stylesheets for making your posts more blog-looking, plugs in post-processors that automatically add Twitter and Open-Graph meta tags for each page, and offers a convenient way of configuring your assets for hosting on

linkGetting Started

The recommended way of creating a blog for is to use this template, as it has all the necessary plugins and dependencies (including this plugin) pre-installed, and is pre-configured for easy deployment to GitHub Pages and


Note that you need to change some configurations when you create your blog repo using the linked template. For that, simply do this:

1link$cd <repo-folder>

2link$codedoc install # --> install required dependencies

3link$codedoc check # --> check configuration against environment to see what needs to change

codedoc check will inform you of configurations that you most probably need to change, with instructions on how to change them.

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linkOn Existing CODEDOC Repo

If you already have a blog repo based on CODEDOC, you can install this plugin like this:

Install the plugin:

1link$codedoc install @codedoc/coding-blog-plugin

Edit .codedoc/config.ts and add the plugin to plugins:

1linkimport { configuration } from '@codedoc/core';

2linkimport { codingBlog } from '@codedoc/coding-blog-plugin'; // --> import the plugin


4link// ...


6linkexport const config = /*#__PURE__*/configuration({

7link // ...

8link plugins: [

9link // ...

10link codingBlog() // --> plug the plugin in

11link ],

12link // ...


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